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Vibes Butter Yellow 18cm

Vibes Butter Yellow 18cm

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Brighten your day and indoor jungle with the Elho Vibes Fold plant pot in a cheery butter yellow! This post isn't just about good looks (though it definitely has those); it's also designed to create a happy home for your plants.

Here's what makes the Elho Vibes Fold so unique:

  • Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: The butter-yellow colour adds a burst of sunshine to any room, lifting your spirits and creating a cheerful ambience.
  • Modern Design with a Twist: The slightly rounded body and trendy rib texture add a touch of modern flair to your décor.
  • Happy Plants, Happy Home: The Vibes Fold pot is made from high-quality recycled plastic. It is lightweight, durable, and promotes good drainage for healthy plant growth.
  • Mix and Match Magic: The Vibes Fold collection allows you to create a playful and personalized plant display in various sizes and colours.
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