Bellr Promise

The Bellr Promise

As a few plant crazy guys we know how frustrating it is to be promised one thing and delivered another so we are making sure you know the journey from start to finish.

The Nursery

Here at Bellr we are bringing plants directly into our holding nursery. The majority of these plants are coming from the excellent Dutch house plant growers. The reason we do this is to keep prices down. By importing directly we are able to get the best prices from the grower and not have to charge any additional fees for drop shipping. We simply get the plants in, pop them on the website and deliver them either ourselves or by courier to your door. 

Our Ranges

You may browse our website and wonder why there aren't pages and pages of plants available. The reason for this is to keep our plant offering fresh, new and exciting. We try to rotate our options as much as possible to give you new choices each week, so quite often when it's gone it's gone, but don't worry it will come again at some point.

Delivery & Returns

Plants are living & breathing so it is so important they are treated this way when in transit to you. That's why we spent months developing the right boxes for the job and getting them custom built for us, we hope this means delivery damages are very rare. However, no one is perfect and it is bound to happen at some point so if your plant arrives in any way damaged please take pictures right away and send them to our customer service team at the team will be right on it and we will organise a replacement for you. Should you change your mind on the plant you ordered there may be a return fee. 

Plant Care

Just like us plants can become a little under the weather and start to look a bit sad. It is really important to follow the care instructions available for your plant, however, even doing this can lead to poor plant health. If you are having problems the best thing to do is get in touch with us on and we will be happy to help.