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Calathea makoyana

Calathea makoyana

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About Me

Add a touch of vibrant life to your indoor space with the captivating Calathea makoyana, also known as the Peacock Plant. This stunning houseplant boasts captivating, oval-shaped leaves adorned with intricate patterns of veins. The light green base explodes with dark green, feathered markings, creating a mesmerizing display that resembles a peacock's plumage.

More than just beautiful leaves, the Calathea makoyana exhibits a fascinating nightly ritual. As the sun sets, its leaves gracefully rise and close, mimicking prayer hands. This unique movement adds another layer of wonder to this captivating plant.

Plant Height: 45cm

Pot Width: 17cm

Care Instructions

The Calathea makoyana thrives with a little extra TLC, rewarding you with its year-round beauty:

  • Light: Bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid harsh, direct sun which can scorch the leaves.
  • Water: Keep the soil consistently moist, but not soggy. Allow the top inch of soil to dry slightly between waterings.
  • Humidity: Prefers moderate to high humidity. Regular misting, a pebble tray filled with water, or a humidifier can help create a happy environment.
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic to pets and humans.

Bellr Bonus Tip:

The Calathea makoyana appreciates filtered water to avoid brown spots on the leaves. You can use rainwater or filtered tap water to keep your plant happy and healthy.

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