Collection: The Coffee Collection

Meet the coffee collection, a dark (espresso) coloured flowerpot made with… coffee waste! We drink billions of cups of coffee each year. However, only a fraction of the coffee bean ends up in your cup of coffee. The rest of the coffee grounds are usually thrown away as household waste. This waste is often incinerated, creating CO2 emissions that harm the environment.

Elho has developed a method of turning valuable waste streams like coffee grounds into beautiful designer plant pots. They collaborate with Coffee Based, which collects and processes used coffee grounds from companies. Together, we give coffee waste a new purpose and show off its beauty. Each pot in the collection contains grounds from at least three cups of coffee. You can see and feel the texture of the coffee grounds that go into each pot and smell them, too!

The beauty of coffee waste
Did you know that millions of kilos of coffee grounds end up in landfills each year? By collecting this coffee waste and using it to make beautiful plastic flower pots, we can reduce the CO2 emissions created by incineration. So help support this good cause!