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Brussels Round Lovely Red 20cm

Brussels Round Lovely Red 20cm

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Add a burst of fiery colour to your indoor oasis with the Elho Brussels Round plant pot in Lovely Red! This eye-catching pot isn't just about aesthetics (although it certainly makes a statement). It's designed to provide a stylish and functional home for your plants.

Here's what makes the Elho Brussels Round Lovely Red stand out:

  • Pop of Passion: The vibrant red colour injects a dose of energy and personality into any room, making it perfect for those who don't shy away from bold décor choices.
  • Sleek and Sophisticated: Despite the bold colour, the Brussels Round design maintains a sense of sophistication with its clean lines and round shape.
  • Happy Plants, Happy Home: Made from high-quality recycled plastic, this pot is lightweight, durable, and promotes good drainage for optimal plant growth. The watertight construction protects your surfaces from water damage.
  • Available in a Range of Sizes: Find the perfect size to match your plant, from petite cacti to blooming African violets.
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