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Alocasia Zebrina 'Zebra Plant' 40-60cm

Alocasia Zebrina 'Zebra Plant' 40-60cm

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A Bit About Me

With most houseplants, the leaves tend to be the area of most attention. But not here, Alocasia zebrina has such striking stems, covered in a striped pattern that will climb tall and droop over. The Zebra plant can be a little temperamental but with the right care, you will have such a beauty that will last for years.

How To Look After Me

Bright filtered light is what the zebra plant thrives on, you should water them regularly keeping the soil moist to the touch, but do not let them sit in water. Key indicators of this plant being unhappy is browning or yellowing leaves, this comes as a result of too much light or overwatering.

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