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Braided Dwarf Umbrella Tree 'Schefflera' 60-80cm

Braided Dwarf Umbrella Tree 'Schefflera' 60-80cm

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 A Bit About Me

This Schefflera 'Braided Dwarf Umbrella Tree' stands 70cm tall and bears a braided stem. Its lush, deep green foliage provides a striking accent and adds a tropical touch to any room in the home. Durable and easy to care for, this braided beauty adds the perfect touch of greenery you've been looking for!

How To Look After Me

These plants prefer things a little shadier, so be sure to keep them out of harsh sunlight. They are fairly drought tolerant and only need watering once every 7-10 days, making them one of our easiest to care for plants.

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